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About Us

Aparso is one of a few brands that produces in fully owned manufacturing facilities. With production and development in our own hands we can guarantee an efficient, fair and sustainable supply chain. Our set up allows us to provide highest quality in materials and workmanship at a fair price.

Aparso is a fully integrated international outdoor brand. Established in 2015 as a German Chinese Joint Venture between a high-tech textile manufacturer from Fuzhou China and a German family owned, specialized business for garment product development. Together building on over 40 years of experience in developing functional outdoor apparel.

With this background we have started to create a selective collection ranging from high quality basic wear to high performance functional apparel. Our German product development teams are working closely with its colleagues in China to maintain highest quality standards. As material and product development experts we love creating products. Except high quality, we care about sustainability of our products. Therefore we aim for natural, sustainable or recycled materials and using hi-tech production technologies that saves the environment.


As one of the top european destinations for outdoor activities with a growing demand for outdoor consumer goods, Slovakia has become our primary market outside of Germany. Together with our local partners we set up a fully owned subsidiary company in the heart of Slovakia’s outdoor tourism region. We want to be present and accessible to cater directly to our growing number of sales partners in Slovakia and Eastern Europe. In quest for experiences – venture beyond ordinary.

Materials and functionality expert with proven track record

The key in developing functional wear is to have in depth knowledge in materials. Our long established expertise in materials and workmanship allows us to produce reliable products with all types of specifications – whether it be breathability, water resistance, stretch or durability. 

Our teams have developed and marketed products for retail and outdoor brands in Germany, France, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, etc.

Supply chain control and state of the art manufacturing

Based in Fuzhou, China aparso runs its own manufacturing with modern facilities and high end digital equipment. Our product development center cooperates with Institutions like China Shoes & Textiles Testing Center in Fujian.

We deliberately kept our manufacturing process in our own hands to maintain full control over our supply chain. As no middle-man companies are involved we operate at competitive cost efficiency. This allows us to market high end brand quality at a fair price.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility to contribute to global environmental protection and to establish socially fair and sustainable supply chains. This is why we have set in place various best practices in our production and our factories are a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). To ensure ongoing compliance our manufacturing site is regularly audited and accredited by third party institutes. 


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