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A vertical brand built from a heritage of world class manufacturing. Durability and sustainability, designed to transition environments and climates.

Transparency: We are an multinational apparel, footwear and equipment company. Our vertically integrated supply chain is the foundation for the value we create, our ability to innovate sustainability, and manufacture to a world class standard.  

Sustainability: Our core principles and materials are centered on sustainability, from design, sourcing, manufacturing to packaging. This collection is just the beginning of our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Social Responsibility: We are committed to maintaining healthy minds through outdoor adventure. 1% of all revenue is donated to nonprofits and charitable causes supporting mental.

health. #Adventureforthemind

Recycled + Organic Fibers

The core materials of this capsule collection were sourced based on having the lowest impact on nature, while maintaining the highest standards of durability and function.

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